Blockchain Service

Get a head start to your business using Block-chain technology. It is a uniquely designed ledger technology where each and every transaction is digitally signed, ensuring its authenticity. It is being touted as next big thing in the world of FinTech.

What is a blockchain?

Block-chain technology was once just used to back up Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies, but there has been a change in the digital landscape.Interests from a variety of industries to work with ashared distributed ledger technology has resulted in the significant rise in the block-chain software requirement, especially in the business sector.

How does it help us?

A block-chain is nothing but a data structurewhichshows us the financial ledger entry, or sometimes a record of transaction. Each transaction has uniquedigital signature, which ensures its authenticity. So, no one can tamper with it without getting caught; the ledger itself and the transactions within it areof high integrity.

But this is not even the best feature of a block-chain software. The digital ledger entries are distributed withinan infrastructure. These additional layers and nodes that are present in the infrastructure serve only one purpose. It provides a consensusabout thetransaction status at any given time period; this is possible because the copies of the above-mentioned existing authenticated ledgerhave been distributed amongst them within the infrastructure as per the block-chain model.

We Provide blockchain Services offering

Blockchain development

We help in developing and optimizing blockchain protocols, crafting the architecture of blockchain systems, developing smart contracts and web apps using blockchain technology.

Threat-free wallet

We can help you in developing a blockchain wallet that enables your users to buy, sell, and monitor balance for their digital currency/ crypto currencies. Our secured wallet keep a record of all transactions related to the currency and store them on Blockchain

Cryptocurrency exchanges

We also work in developing platform for Crypto currency exchange that helps you connecting the buyers and sellers. With the help of this platform you can charge a small fee to your subscriber, which is called 'volume-based fee.

Supply chain management through Blockchain

We work with supply chain management through blockchain technology where Blockchain can increase the efficiency and transparency of supply chains and positively impact everything from warehousing to delivery to payment.

Digital Contract Development

We also develop digital contract, also known as a crypto contract , where we develop a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under certain conditions. These contracts are stored on blockchain technology.

Private Blockchain development

We are experts increating private blockchain which is an invitation-only network governed by a single entity. Private blockchain allow you to employ distributed ledger technology without making data public.

Why choose us?

Chawtech Solutions know that Block-chain software is a lucrative proposition to many different corporations for a number of reasons. Since it does not require a centralised authority system for maintaining security, itis probably the ideal ledger and even a settlement solution in relation to joint ventures and similar affiliate relationships. The digital signatures, coupled with cryptographic integrity of the transaction makes theft of these ledgers practically impossible. But it also makes the block-chain system quite complicated to work on, especially if you know your way. The security checks only keep on increasing. Since it is a rather new technology, we know you will be looking for a support team that makes the integration faster and simpler for you. So, Chawtech's expert team helps you integrate theblock-chain system safely with your business model, as a result of which you can see how well it works at trackingasset movement through the supply chain, viathe vendors, then to the factories.

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