CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

Customer relationship management (CRM) became so significant for users because of its ability to manage all the relationships and interactions of the company. Your business is your customers, and the objective is simple: improve business relationships. In this aspect, the CRM system will help you to stay connected to customers, streamline necessary processes, and increase the profit margins of your company.

CRM Solution With CTS

A CRM system is basically a tool that helps you in business management, sales management, increased productivity, etc. we create CRM software that helps you to focus on your organization's relationships with individuals, which includes customers, colleagues, service users, vendors, or suppliers. This also includes finding new customers, establishing contact, winning their trust and business, providing support, and other additional services as long as you two are in partnership.

Advantages Of CRM

  • CRM system gives management solutions for all departments. It has unique solutions for your sales unit, business development, customer service, marketing, recruiting, or any other branch of your business.
  • CRM provides a better solution to manage all the external interactions and customer relationships such that your success margin rises.
  • It will also help you in storing customer contact information, identify unique sales opportunities, record any service-related issues, and manage all the marketing campaigns, all in one centralized location.
  • It also makes sure that every customer interaction data is available to anybody in the organization who needs it. With transparency and access to customer data, teamwork becomes easy, and this increases the productivity.

Our Custom CRM Development Services

CRM Software Development

Our CRM software development team works 24x7 to offer a data driven S/W for your business.

CRM Integration

Along with development of CRM software, we also do the CRM integration on your business site to capture leads directly.

CRM Analytics Software

Our CRM analytic software will enable you to check all types of lead behaviour such as clicks, customer movement in your website, how many traffic your are getting etc.

CRM Tools

We also develop CRM tools to support for your main CRM software. We even do module based development for various CRM tools

CRM Software Modules

We develop various modules for your CRM software such as, Contact Management. Reports and Dashboards, Sales Analytics and many more.

CRM Platform Customization

With CRM customization process we add new or altering existing CRM features in order to make it a better fit for the needs of each particular business.

Mobile CRM Solutions

With our mobile CRM software, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones can deliver all the classic functionality of a system hosted on a laptop or desktop

CRM Database Solutions

CRM Database Solutions uses data analysis about customers' history with a company to improve business relationships with our customers.

CRM Migration

We also provide robust CRM Migration service for our customers who are searching for new hosting for their CRM software.

Why Choose us?

Chawtech Solutions have a dedicated CRM team specializing in CRM software services, with professionals available 24*7 on the go. We try to make sure everyone in your organization gets to see the customer interaction data, their purchase history, etc. We are superbly placed to help companies of all sizes, and we can assure you that availing our services will only affect your business growth positively. Most companies cannot cater to the needs of the small businesses, where the manpower is restrained, and you are forced to accomplish more with much less at your disposal. But this is where we do our best jobs because we have the analytical team which can identify the necessary gaps to fill in a small business so that your productivity increases.

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