.NET Development

Searching for a partner in .NET? Your quest ends here at chawtech. When working on .Net framework, you have to understand that it is a software module that provides guidelines to build all kinds of web applications; it may be a web solution, or a mobile application or even a Windows-based application.

Why should you opt for .NET development solution by CTS?

The advantage of the .NET framework is that it is compatible with various programming languages like C#, VB.NET, C++, F#, etc. Several .Net applications were made available online for free by Open Source licenses. It consists of a huge collection of pre-written codes, also known as class libraries.

These libraries can support simple as well as complex data structures. This means that you can depend on the work of other developers and use already-written code for your own programs. .NET framework solutions even have specific libraries dedicated to security protocols, encryption codes, and database access.

Our .net experts work on the various latest frameworks

.Net Solutions have various applications made available for public usage. Some of the services that we provide are related to ASP.net, Microsoft.Net MVC, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc. Visual Studio is an application quite extensively used all over the world. It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where you can actually write your C# or .Net programs.

Since it can support various features like code editing, interface design, server management, debugging, and performance analysis, it is the most favored application worldwide. You can download Visual Studio for free because of the open source license.

Besides Visual Studio, we specialize in services on ASP.NET, which is the main tool in the .NET framework for creating web pages and websites with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server scripting. You have the privilege of using any of the .NET languages to write ASP.NET web applications.

.Net Expertise

We Offer Holistic .Net Development Services

Custom Plugin Development

Our customer plugin development service provides tools to create, develop, test, debug, build and deploy Eclipse plug-ins, fragments, features, update sites and RCP products.

IIS7 Installation and Configuration

Our team of experts work on IIS7 installations as well as configuration of web server created by Microsoft in order to use with the Windows NT family.

API Integration/Web Services

We understand the value of API integrations and providing web services for our customers, this is why we even customise various API in your database according to your project requirements.

Migration Service

Migration of your server can be a big headache at times, but our tremendously talented developers are skilled enough to handle your server migrations, data recovery or discarding any data loss during this migration process.

Payment gatway Integration

Online payment receive has becomes of the most common attributes of business ventures and we at CTS make sure our customers get the fastest payment gateway while checking out for payments.

Site development

We offer high quality .NET website development services for our clients across the globe. Our websites are fast, secure and most importantly easy to navigate for your probably customer making sure you get a huge boost in your online sales.

Multilingual Site

Do you have offices in different counties where you will need different version of your website in their local language well, don’t worry when CTS is here to bail you out with a perfect Multilingual Site for your aid.

Why should you hire CTS?

Chawtech Solutions have a group of hard-working, well-qualified .Net developers under their wing. These people were chosen according to their merits from a huge number of willing candidates. The fact that these guys who work for us at Chawtech are passionate about their work. As a result of which every time a requirement comes along, we are confident of fulfilling your diverse needs. These guys have also built a reputation over the years because of their professional work ethic as well as humanitarian work culture, which is so rare these days.

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