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We welcome you to ChawTech Solutions, your only source for reliable, innovative, and creative IT solutions. We embarked upon our journey in 2016 and currently, we are almost on the threshold of becoming one of the leading IT solutions providers. Through the years, we have congregated experience which amplifies our efficacy.

From just 2 people at the beginning, right now, ChawTech has 70+ exemplary and extraordinary IT professionals who have mastered the art of carving out innovative solutions for accomplishing our clients’ requirements. After catering superlative IT solutions for the past years, ChawTech has formed a good reputation.

During our journey of becoming the primary destination for IT solutions for businesses, ChawTech Solutions has faced daunting challenges which could have taken us of the track. With zeal and fervour, we faced those hurdles. We have an undying spirit of attaining the crest of being the best. Our resourceful work made clients satisfied and took us to the zenith. ChawTech Solutions is not a place for average work. It is a place for exemplary work by exceptionally talented and gifted IT professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach the pinnacle of IT industry of the country. Also, our vision is to take our clients’ businesses to a height which is unimaginable even in the wildest of dreams. Hence, join our hands as we take you to a thrill-a-minute ride of creative and innovative IT solutions.

Our Values

We are constantly pursuing a "client starts things out" rationality. Our administration is straight forward, adaptable, and concentrated on giving final products to our Client. We esteem our client connections and find a way to guarantee that our clients are constantly fulfilled.






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ChawTech Solutions is a group of diversified individuals who bring a different flair to our work. The different ideas they generate to enhance the work plays a pivotal role in producing exceptional work. We always encourage such diversified atmosphere.

Mohit Chawla

Co-founder & CEO

Mohit Chawla is the CEO and co-founder of ChawTech solutions, who takes care of business development part of the company. With his uber cool ideas and out of the box marketing tactics he made CTS a global brand today.

Mayank Tyagi

Co-founder & CEO

Manyak is the chief technology officer and co-founder of ChawTech Solutions. His Innovative ideas with remarkable sense in future technologies such as ML, AI, Data domain, blended with cutting edge knowledge in high-end coding makes him the Tech Geek of CTS.


ChawTech Solutions thrives on the basis of sheer performance. We are not a place for average work. We are a place for exemplary work by exceptionally talented and gifted IT professionals.

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