FinTech Services

CTS is here to change the financial industry landscape with state-of-the-art finTech services which will cater to the needs of the clients flawlessly give the exact results needed by our clients.

Wallet (PPI)

We are experts in developing E-wallet which is a type of electronic card, mainly utilised in online transactions through a computer or a smartphone. Its utility is same as a credit or debit card. It needs to be linked with the individual's bank account to make payments

Money Transfer

With the help of our FinTech services we can develop a money transfer platform for our client where they can easily transfer money of their customer from one country to another country with small fee.

Mutual Funds

We are experts in developing an effective and systematic framework in mutual fund/ unit trust investment. Implementation of FinTech will provide service improvement significantly and a huge transformation for investment management services in future.

Banking Services

Our fintech services will help banking sectors immensely when it comes to securing credit card processing, or transferring money and processing loans quickly after checking credit information of the applicants. It also boosts customer retention and preferences significantly.

Why Choose CTS for FinTech Services?

Custom Solutions: We give enough time in carving out the potential challenges of your business and work in order to counter those challenges through our outstanding workforce. We also pay similar attention to what your requirements are from us.

Industry Knowledge: CTS is a place for experience and knowledge. We have multiple years of experience is serving the needs of our clients delivering outstanding services through our efficient and exuberant workforce with outstanding quality.

Governance: We ensure that the top-quality service is catered to you with the help of our efficient and brilliant governance department which perform stringent quality check before the deliverance to ensure we keep up our reputation as the best.

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